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The Soundscaper: Jillian Wedel (aka Jay Wedel)

I have been 'playing it by ear' my whole life . . .

My special relationship with sound began at age 5 when I was first introduced to the piano. I was classically trained through the Royal Conservatory and in my teen years I expanded my instrumental palette by teaching myself to play the guitar and drums. My strong musical aspirations eventually led me to the Art Institute of Vancouver where I attained a Diploma in Professional Recording Arts. 

Attending recording school allowed me to delve deeply into a wide variety of audio work: I assisted with the recording of bands at Bakerstreet Studios; I was a cartoon sound editor for Dick and Roger's Studio; at Sharpe Sound, I performed foley; I was commissioned to compose a piece of music that was featured in a television commercial which aired in Montana; and, finally, my voice can be heard singing the theme song for the YTV anime cartoon, Pretty Cure. And if that's not enough, click here for my IMDB page ;)

Who I've Worked With (just a bit of name dropping, no big deal)