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"It was such a pleasure to work with Jay to record and produce my full length album. Jay is passionate about music and has a gift for making people feel at ease in the studio. I really trust Jay's ear and artistic collaboration. They were really able to listen to my ideas and translate it into sound production. They are patient, thoughtful and conscientious when it comes to audio engineering and recording technique. I am excited to work with Jay again, and I believe that anyone who works with Jay is fortunate and will walk away from the experience feeling elated with the results."

- Shauna Janz (recording artist), Victoria BC

"Jay is very professional, insightful and fun to work with! Their passion for music and easy-going nature makes for a beautiful recording process and recording result."

- Patricia Garner of PeaK, Victoria BC

"I was gifted with a soundscape nearly a year ago and I still play (and replay) it for friends; the music and sounds are so intricately woven and professionally finished that it has become a favourite party mix! I still remember sitting in the car (parked, thank goodness) when I first heard it and tears welled up - followed by belly laughter - and everything in between. I can’t think of a time that I’d felt more special than listening to the sounds that made up my relationship to that point. And I’m still discovering new nuances. I have to say, Jay is a professional moment-maker."

-- Kelly L, Victoria BC

"Jay is a joy to work with: enthusiastic, friendly, kind, reliable, and very creative. They had great ideas when I was stalled, and I was blown away with the professional results of some pretty quirky stuff we thought up. My partner adored the soundscape, got teary, and I think we'll make it a tradition to have one made covering memories from the past year. It was so fun to make and I've never been happier with a gift I've given." 

-- Natasha Clark, Victoria BC

"I was pleased to work with Jay on both a soundscape for The Victoria Pride Society, as well as a very personal one for my wedding announcement. The success of both of these very different projects is a perfect reflection of their ability to understand the heart of the project, and creatively compose a musical masterpiece that tunes into that, seemlessly."

-- Laurissa Chapple - Media and Communications for the Victoria Pride Society

"Listening to the [Sounds of Pride] soundscape was really quite a profound experience for me. I felt emotional, I felt proud, I felt connected to something so big and powerful. I have listened to it many times now, and each time it’s a different journey! It was so well put together! Such powerful messages that are so important for the world to hear. Thank you!!!!"

-- T'oila McIntyre

"[The Pride Soundscape] is absolute magic, there is so much to capture when we are trying to put forward all this information in a short clip and for me personally I think you hit the nail right on."

-- Laurie McDonald

"I received a soundscape for my 70th birthday. It was truly special, with all the family participating and refreshing many treasured memories. I play it often, and often hear something I may have missed the first time."

-- Ian Legge, Vancouver BC